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Mini Crawler Tracked Tank Robot Chassis Safari - 138T

  • Safari-138T
Load Weight:
Max Speed:


Safari-138T Crawler Robot Chassis is born for steadiness, which can satisfy high requirements for cross-country and steady properties of minitype investigation robots. 

12 damping shock absorbers and unique design of interior and exterior patterns make the chassis smoother and steadier while keeping the grip. 

Furthermore, its vibration journey lists top among the same series of products,especially suitable for robots loading various cameras. 

138T can customize a variety of advanced operation modes, provide motion control CAN protocol, and support secondary development.  Widely used for the development of special robots such as

  • Patrol inspection

  • Exploration

  • Rescue

  • Special shooting

  • Special transportation

Product Parameters


Item Data Item Data
Body Material Carbon Steel Dimension 610*450*195
Track Material Rubber+fiber Self Weight 24KG
Motor 24V Brushless DC Motor Load Weight 20KG
Suspension System Christie Suspension Height of Chassis 90mm
Vibration Reduction 12 Absorbers Rated Torque 8NM
Surface Treatment Painting Speed 0~1.2m/s
Max Obstacle 50mm Max Angle of Climbing 30 Degrees

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