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Heavy Duty Large Off Road Robot Chassis LKT1500

LKT 1500 is a middle size and high load robot mobile platform.Its unique shape and Christie suspension system makes the chassis suitable for all terrains,easily overcome obstacles,climb stairs and move fast.It can equipped with different devices to realize different functions.
  • LKT1500
Load Weight:
Max Speed:


Key Features

  1. Large Support Area, suitable for soft,muddy and other complex environments.

  2. Turn in place

  3. Large Friction and Large Traction

  4. 40 degree climbing ability, Climbing Stairs

  5. Obstacle Surmount 220mm

  6. IP65 waterproof grade. 

  7. 300KGS heavy load

Support CAN BUS protocol

Customize a variety of advanced operation modes, provide motion control CAN protocol, and support secondary development.

  • Large space platform is reserved for quick building top load(sensing, industrial control, routing, camera, etc)

  • Supports customized design of sensor AI profile bracket.

  • Widely used for the development of special robots such as

  1. Patrol inspection

  2. Exploration

  3. Rescue

  4. Explosive disposal

  5. Special shooting

  6. Special transportation

Product Parameter

Model LKT1500
Dimensions 1650*990*620mm
Interior Size 270*170*370mm
Self Weight 500KGS
Load Weight 300KGS
Height of Chassis 180mm
Operating Speed 0~1.35m/s
Max Obstacle 220mm
Max Angle of climbing 40 Degrees(Able to climb stair)
Body Material Carbon Steel
Track Material Quality Rubber embed with with Kevlar fiber
Suspension System Christie suspension
Vibration Reduction 10 Independent vibration absorbers on both sides
Protection Grade IP65(Optional IP 67)
Motor 48V DC servo motor
Product Application Fire Fighting,EOD,Patrol Inspection,Detection,Rescue

Product Details


Customized Case


How to buy a best suitable robot platform for your project?

1: Tell us what is the purpose for the purchase.

2: Tell us your requirements for the robot platform, such as load weight, obstacle-surmount, and other special requirements.

3: Tell us the quantity for the purchase.

4: Just feel free to contact us!

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