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Fire Fighting Robot RXR-M80D-15KT

Water Range:
Picture Transmission:
Control Distance:

Product Overview:

Fire fighting robot can replace fire and rescue personnel to enter into the scene of inflammable, toxic, hypoxia, smoke and other dangerous disasters and accidents for fire,and effectively solve the personal safety of fire personnel in the above places.Simple body design,more stable, with high power DC motor to make obstacles become particularly simple. 

Products Features:

  • 80L/S Fire Monitor

  • All Terrain Suitable

  • Climb Stairs 

  • Situ turning

  • Large supporting area

  • Self Cooling

  • Double hose supply,large flow

Product Function:

  • Fire Monitor: 80L/S flow, water/foam dual-purpose, range 85 meters

  • Lighting: Double LED strong light

  • Sound and Light Alarming

  • Spray cooling

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