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Multifunctional Fire Fighting Robot RXR-M60D

Water Range:
Picture Transmission:
Protection Grade:
Control Distance:

Product Overview:

Fire fighting robot can replace fire and rescue personnel to enter the scene of inflammable, toxic, hypoxia, smoke and other dangerous disasters and accidents for fire, and effectively solve the personal safety of fire personnel in the above places. Simple body design, more stable, with high power dc deceleration motor to make obstacles become particularly simple. 

Products Features:

  • 5 kinds of toxic and combustible gas detection function

  • 60L/S water cannon which can rotate and pitch, it can extinguish fire in all directions

  • Turning radius is very small, can achieve in situ turning

  • Large supporting area, 150mm track width, suitable for soft, muddy and other complex environment

  • Small lower limit, small rolling resistance, good off-road maneuverability 

  • Chassis height over 150 mm, with super climbing, obstacle - crossing ability

  • The front end has obstacle avoidance function, which can avoid collision when encountering obstacles

  • With sprinkler head, can be in the fire or high temperature places for self-cooling,to ensure the normal operation of the car body

  • The car body adopts waterproof design, and the waterproof grade is IP67

  • Double hose supply, large flow

Product Function:

  • Fire water cannon: 60L/S flow, water/foam dual-purpose, range 75 meters

  • Image acquisition: acquisition robot around the four - way picture transmission control center

  • Information collection: flammable gas concentration, fire temperature

  • Lighting: double LED strong light

  • Acoustic-optic alarm: the robot sends out acoustic-optic alarm under the running state of the robot body

  • Self-protection function: water curtain cooling, anti - capsize,anti - collision

  • Gas collection: carbon dioxide gas collection around the robot body;O2,Co,H2S,CL2,CH4


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