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Fire Fighting Robot RXR-M40D-880T

Fire fighting robot RXR-M40D-880T can replace firefighter to enter the dangerous and complex sites,and effectively keep the safety of firefighters.Its unique body design makes the robot run more stable and suitable for all terrains.The robot equipped with anti-capsizing,anti-collision and self-cooling functions.
Water Range:
Picture Transmission:
Protection Grade:
Control Distance:


Products Features

  1. Large supporting area and track grounding length.

  2. Suitable for all terrains

  3. Turning radius is very small

  4. Obstacle Crossing and Stairs Climbing

  5. Stainless steel MOC which is strong and durable

  6. Waterproof design IP67

  7. Wireless operation control

  8. Double hoses supply, large flow

Product Function

  1. · High Strength Tracked Robot Chassis

  2. · 40L/S, Water/Foam Fire Monitor

  3. · 360° PTZ Camera

  4. · Anti-capsizing,Anti-collision,Self-cooling

  5. · Sound and Light Alarming

  6. · Air Detection/1 Air

  7. · Remote Operation Box


Item Specs
Robot Chasis Motor 48V DC Motors

Working Temperature -20℃~60℃

Suspension Christie

Rated Torque 110nm

Rated Power 880W*2

Battery 48V  60AH

Speed 0-1.2m/s

Max Obstacle Surmount 125mm

Max Slope Climb 35°

Wireless Operation Remote Controller

Wireless Operation Distance 500M

Working Time 3h

Size Outline Size 1200*900*900mm

Height above Ground 135mm

Track Width 150mm

Track Grounding Length 725mm
Weight Self Weight 230kg

Load Weight 100kg
MOC Wheels Aluminum Alloys

Body Carbon Steel

Track Quality Rubber Embeded with Kevlar Fiber

Surface Treatment Plastic Coated/Painting

Fire Monitor Model PSKD40

Working Pressure 0.8Mpa

Pressure Range 0.5~1.0Mpa

Water Range Water≥65m  Water/Foam≥60m)

Max Foaming Angle 120°

Pitch Angle +30~+70°

Self-rotation Yes

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