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Explosion-proof Tracked Tank Robot Chassis PKT1100

PKT1100 is a high strength,high accuracy and high speed mobile platform for series of robots.The unique rubber track design has good vibration ability and suitable for all terrains.It can equipped with different devices to realize different function.
  • PKT1100


Load Weight:
Max Speed:


Product Features

(1) DC Brushless Servo Motors.

(2) Christie Suspension System good vibration reduction capacity.

(3) Equipped with adjustable tension device. 

(3) Quality rubber embedded steel block. 

(4) Aluminium-alloy/Iron wheel and high quality load-bearing.

(5) Lithium battery, big discharge current,high safety. 

(6) Large interior space for developing.

Product Parameter


Model PKT1100 PKT1100 EX
Dimensions 1147*768*452mm 1200*800*500mm
Self Weight 320KGS 400KGS
Load Weight 150KGS 80KGS
Height of Chassis 90mm 100mm
Explosion Proof Grade N/M Exd(ib)ⅡBT4 Gb
Operating Speed 0~2m/s 0~1.3m/s
Max Obstacle 150mm 180mm
Max Angle of climbing 30 Degrees 35 Degrees
Operating Speed 1.6m/s
Body Material Carbon Steel
Track Material Quality Rubber embed with with Kevlar fiber
Suspension System Christie suspension
Vibration Reduction 8 Independent vibration absorbers on both sides
Protection Grade IP67
Motor 48V DC servo motor
Product Application Fire Fighting,EOD,Patrol Inspection,Detection,Rescue

Product Details


Customized Case


How to buy a best suitable robot platform for your project?

1: Tell us what is the purpose for the purchase.

2: Tell us your requirements for the robot platform, such as load weight, obstacle-surmount, and other special requirements.

3: Tell us the quantity for the purchase.

4: Just feel free to contact us!

Drop Us a Line
More than 10 precision produce line, easy to realize large quantities of goods, to provide you with the best price.

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