Guoxing Firefighting Robot Leads Future Safety Technology at the 2024 Dubai INTERSEC Exhibition

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In January 2024, we were privileged to participate in the International Security and Protection Exhibition, INTERSEC, held in Dubai. As an important event in the global security industry, this exhibition brought together advanced technologies and innovative solutions from around the world. On this landmark platform, we showcased our latest development in firefighting robots, a product that integrates advanced technology and innovative design.

As a high-tech company committed to enhancing fire safety and efficiency, our goal is to save lives and properties through technological innovation. Participating in the INTERSEC exhibition was not only to demonstrate our technical strength but also to exchange ideas and explore collaborations with industry peers.

Our firefighting robot is designed for high-risk and complex fire scenarios. It is equipped with an remote operation capabilities, and efficient fire-extinguishing tools, capable of operating in extreme temperatures and toxic environments. Additionally, its high flexibility and rapid response time garnered significant attention at the exhibition.

explosion-proof firefighting robot

During the exhibition, our booth attracted a large number of visitors. Our technical team engaged in-depth with global industry experts, potential clients, and partners. These conversations provided valuable feedback and unveiled new market opportunities.

The exhibition revealed a rapidly growing demand for high-tech firefighting solutions in the market. Several companies expressed interest in our firefighting robot and wished to discuss future collaboration possibilities.

Post-exhibition, we plan to continue improving our product and exploring new application fields. We believe that through ongoing innovation and collaboration, we can make a greater contribution to the field of fire safety.

Please see the attached images for highlights of our moments at the INTERSEC exhibition.



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