Fire emergency has added a "strong hero": electric four-wheel drive fire extinguishing robot, all-terrain emergency rescue!

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Fire emergency has added a "strong hero": electric four-wheel drive fire extinguishing robot, all-terrain emergency rescue!

Are there rechargeable models for large firefighting robots? Guoxing Intelligent’s blockbuster new product in 2024 - the electric explosion-proof four-wheel drive fire extinguishing robot not only supports charging operation, has a high explosion-proof level, but is also suitable for all terrains. It can work in conjunction with the diesel four-wheel drive fire-fighting robot for collaborative operations, doubling emergency rescue efficiency. !

The electric explosion-proof four-wheel drive fire extinguishing robot is mainly composed of the robot body, fire water cannon, remote control terminal and intelligent system. Each product has been professionally adjusted and performance tested.

It is powered by a DC motor and adopts an all-terrain crawler chassis. It is flexible, can turn on the spot, climb hills and stairs, and has strong off-road capabilities. It is equipped with a large-flow fire water cannon, which has a long range, flexible control, and easy deployment.

explosion-proof firefighting robot

Product description

The electric explosion-proof four-wheel drive fire extinguishing robot is a model designed and produced in accordance with the GB3836-2021 explosion-proof standard. It can replace fire rescue personnel to enter the scene of dangerous disasters such as flammable, explosive, toxic, hypoxic, and dense smoke to extinguish fires, effectively solving the personal safety faced by firefighters in the above places. The simple body design is more stable, and the high-power DC reduction motor makes obstacles particularly simple.

The distinctive features of this robot are its high explosion-proof level, electric design, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with less noise and vibration, and good protection performance. It can temporarily face working environments with high humidity, and has low sensitivity to altitude. It is suitable for use in high mountains. It can also operate normally in special environments such as rivers, rivers, rocks, and near waters.

Product feature

  • The whole vehicle is explosion-proof;

  • Equipped with a rotary pan/tilt, capable of 360-degree environmental exploration;

  • Has the detection function of a variety of toxic and flammable gases;

  • It has strong power and can climb steep slopes, and can stop on the slope without landslides;

  • Drive sideways on steep slopes without rolling over;

  • The front end of the car body has an obstacle avoidance function to prevent collision when encountering obstacles;

  • The water cannon can rotate and tilt to extinguish fires in all directions;

  • Equipped with a sprinkler head, which can self-cool down in fire scenes or places with high temperatures to ensure the normal operation of the car body; 

  • Equipped with a thermal imager, it can accurately find the point of ignition in places with low visibility;

  • Waterproof grade IP67, upper electrical components IP65.

Application scenarios

Can be applied to but not limited to fire rescue forces; highway (rail) tunnel fires, large-span and large-space factory fires; petroleum and petrochemical production equipment sites and warehouses, etc.; hazardous chemical production enterprises; warehouses, logistics, etc. that store flammable and flammable products. Ports, etc., can also be used for target reconnaissance, attack and cover in large-scale poison gas and smoke accidents.

Especially in flammable and explosive environments, the high explosion-proof characteristics are more practical and can provide better rapid rescue and fire extinguishing. This is also one of the significant advantages of electric explosion-proof four-wheel drive fire extinguishing robots compared to ordinary diesel-driven fire extinguishing robots.

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