World artificial intelligence conference--the strategic cooperation

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On August 29, 2019 WAIC(World Artificial Intelligence Conference), with the theme of "Wisdom World, Infinite possibility", officially opened in Shanghai. More than 500 important guests from domestic and foreign universities, industry leaders and international organizations gathered in Shanghai.

It's a big academic gathering. The winner of the Turing Award, Roger Rudy, Manuel Bloom, the Nobel laureate, George Smolt, Finn Kidland, the father of machine learning, Tom Mitchell, the father of the recurrent neural network, shared the leading theory with the international artificial intelligence experts, and more than 50 national academicians, More than 100 scholars have been involved in academic exchange. Their participation not only provides a forward-looking academic view for this forum, but also a feast for everyone present in the field of thought and ai.

WAIC(World Artificial Intelligence Conference) signed more than 70 ai and 5g projects. Its GuoXing Intelligent and Shenzhen Shenlan Science and Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the conference and held a grand signing ceremony. The signing marks a new stage in the research of Guoxing Intelligent in the field of artificial intelligence. In the future, Guoxing Robot Research Institute will cooperate deeply with Shenzhen deep and blue Academy of Sciences, share technology and resources, learn from each other, develop together, and make a greater breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence.

Guoxing Intelligent, as an early manufacturer of special robots in China, has accumulated a number of high-tech talents and advanced R & D technology experience. The company has 87 invention patents, the current research and development of product lines are public safety robots, environmental protection robots, new energy robots, military robots, general chassis. The main products are explosion-proof fire fighting detection robot, fire smoke exhaust robot, environmental protection desilting robot, Amphibious robot, underwater robot, anti-terrorism explosion robot, new energy robot, safari intelligent mobile chassis, intelligent wheeled chassis (four wheels, six wheels), coal mine robot and so on.

The construction of strategic partnership alliance with Shenzhen deep and blue Science and Technology is of great significance to Guoxing Intelligent. It not only promotes the industrial development represented by artificial intelligence, but also promotes the technical research and development and function upgrading in the fields of intelligent fire fighting, intelligent rescue, intelligent environmental protection and so on. In the future, Guoxing Intelligent will be based on Shandong, serve the world, and build influential science and technology service enterprises.

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