Win the first ! What does the Sinopec selected the Guoxing firefighting robot looks like?

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    Recently, Sinopec held a public tender for 2023~2025 fire robot procurement, Guoxing intelligent fire robot successfully entered the Sinopec supplier directory with the first place.

    As the bidder who participated in Sinopec framework procurement for the first time, Guoxing Intelligent passed the on-site audit with excellent results after being strictly reviewed and scored by Sinopec expert group.

   The relevant person in charge of Guoxing Intelligence said that the bid for the China Petrochemical project is the verification of the strength of the company, which embodies the continuous efforts and efforts of the company's team over the years, the whole process of high-quality service and the attitude of excellence. This is not only the affirmation of the company's professional ability, but also proves the strength and credibility of Guoxing Intelligence in the industry. To become a supplier of Sinopec means that Guoxing Intelligent's products have been fully recognized and affirmed by the market in terms of performance, quality and use scenarios.

Intelligent firefighting robot, petrochemical enterprise emergency rescue new assistant

Explosion-proof detection fire robot is an intelligent fire robot designed and produced according to GB/T 3836-2021 explosion-proof standard, which can replace fire rescue personnel to enter the scene of inflammable and explosive, toxic, hypoxia, thick smoke and other dangerous disasters for fire fighting, and effectively solve the personal safety faced by fire rescue personnel in the above places. Simple body design, more stable, with high-power DC gear motor to make obstacles become particularly simple.

The large flow fire fighting robot can effectively replace the trailer gun and mobile gun, and use its own power to remote control the fire gun to the required position; Effective replacement of fire rescue personnel close to fire sources and dangerous places for reconnaissance, fire fighting and other operations to avoid unnecessary casualties. Applicable situations include but are not limited to road (railway) tunnel fire, large span and large space plant fire, petrochemical oil depot and refinery fire; It can also be used in large-scale gas and smoke accidents for target reconnaissance, attack and cover.

Focus on technology and service, open a new chapter of intelligent fire protection

From finding needs to solving needs, from solving needs to creating needs, Guoxing Intelligent insists on finding breakthroughs in customer needs and their own multi-level needs, focusing on science and technology and wisdom, and creating value for partners in the field of special robots. In a race of boats, those who row harder are the first. Guoxing Intelligent will continue to make efforts to build smart fire protection, seize opportunities, break through the situation, constantly improve the core competitiveness, become the winner in the industry wave, and open a new chapter in the smart fire protection industry.


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