Why are fire fighting robots used more and more

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The fire-fighting robot can climb a slope of more than 40°, move at a maximum speed of 2.1m/s, and can endure more than 4 hours. The water cannon adopts explosion-proof design, water and foam dual-purpose cannon. The robot is also equipped with a fire source identification sensor, which can automatically find the fire source and perform operations such as "one-key fire extinguishing". Two sets of infrared night vision cameras are installed on the chassis to ensure the front and back vision of walking. It supports both wireless and wired communication methods, and the wireless communication distance can reach more than 1 km.

The fire-fighting robot can remotely strike the fire-extinguishing object through wireless control, which can prevent personal injury caused by the close proximity of the internal attacker to the fire point. It has the characteristics of large flow, long range, and wide fire-fighting coverage.

We all know that at the scene of a fire, faced with the hazard environment of high temperature, darkness, toxic and dense smoke, fire officers and soldiers have to bear great risks when performing fire fighting and rescue tasks. If they rush into the scene, they will not only fail to complete the task, but will also increase the number of personnel. casualties. The fire-fighting robot can well replace fire-fighting rescuers to enter the scene of flammable, explosive, toxic, oxygen-deficient, dense smoke and other dangerous disaster accidents to complete data collection, processing, feedback and fire control.

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