What can fire fighting robots do?

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The rubber track of the fire-fighting robot is made of special materials, which can withstand up to 750°C; it can walk through remote control, climb slopes, climb stairs  and cross obstacles;The fire fighting robot is suitable for a variety of environments, resistant to high temperature, heat radiation, rain, chemical corrosion, electromagnetic interference, etc., and can work continuously throughout the day.

The unique fog penetration and precise recognition functions of the fire fighting robot can be used as advance soldiers in fire fighting site to accurately identify the location of the people left in the fire site and the fire source, making rescue more effective and extinguishing fire faster. It is equipped with a self-spray cooling system, which can maintain the ability to operate for a long time in the fire field, and can even cross the fire zone.

The fire fighting robot also has a major ability to detect explosives and has the function of ‘explosion removal’. Its manipulator arm is flexible and lightweight, with great freedom, stable performance, and strong overall adaptability. This is one of the difficulties that we broke through in the research and development process. It can move quickly on muddy roads, urban ruins, coal mines and oil fields and other terrains to detect, grab, transfer, transport, and destroy dangerous objects. It can replace security personnel in chemical flammable and explosive places to check for suspicious objects.

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