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Tracked Mobile Robot Chassis Safari - 900T Enhanced


Product Introduction:

Crawler type wireless remote control chassis

900t enhanced adopts crawler type mechanical mechanism, which has strong terrain adaptability. Large development space, more stable driving. Christie suspension is equipped with multiple groups of shock absorbers to provide strong system stability, and multiple servo motors to provide strong power system and differential rotation capability. It has the advantages of low center of gravity, strong trafficability, heavy load shock absorption, stable operation, etc. The rugged industrial design enables the 900t enhanced to adapt to a variety of complex field environments.

Product Features:

  • large support area, suitable for operation in soft, muddy and other complex environments, with good off-road mobility.

  • the turning radius is very small, and the original turning can be realized.

  • there are shoe teeth on the track support surface, which are not easy to slip, and have good traction and adhesion performance, which is conducive to exerting greater traction.

  • the chassis height is more than 170mm, with super climbing and obstacle climbing ability. Able to climb a slope with a gradient of <35 degrees

  • the car body shell is made of Q235 steel plate, which is durable and has good overall protection performance.

900t enhanced can customize a variety of advanced operation modes, provide motion control CAN protocol, and support secondary development.

1: large space platform is reserved for quick building top load(sensing, industrial control, routing, camera, etc)

2: supports customized design of sensor AI profile bracket.

3:Widely used for the development of special robots such as patrol inspection and exploration, rescue and explosive disposal, special shooting, special transportation, etc

Data Sheet


Safari 900T Enhanced



Interior Size


Self Weight


Load Weight


Height of Chassis


Rated Torque


Body Material

Carbon Steel

Max Angle of climbing

40 Degrees(Able to climb stairs)

Operating Speed


Max Obstacle


Track Material

Quality Rubber embed with with Kevlar fiber

Suspension System

Christie suspension

Vibration Reduction

14 Independent vibration absorbers on both sides

Protection Grade

IP54(Optional IP67)


48V DC Brushless motor

Product Application

Fire Fighting,EOD,Patrol Inspection,Detection,Military

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