The "killer weapon" for smoke exhaust - fire smoke exhaust and extinguishing robot, Sinopec chooses it!

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The "killer weapon" for smoke exhaust - fire smoke exhaust and extinguishing robot, Sinopec chooses it!

When a fire occurs, besides burning, what other factors can threaten life safety?

Research by relevant departments has found that among fire casualties, more than 70% of the victims were not burned to death but died from inhaling poisonous gas.

Toxic gases are produced during the burning process of objects, and a certain dose of inhaled gas can cause poisoning and suffocation to death. 

Fires produce a large amount of smoke and dust. When inhaled, it will adhere to the nasal cavity and small bronchi, and even spread to the lungs and adhere to the alveoli, causing insufficient ventilation of the lungs and eventually suffocation.

smoke exhaust robot

Therefore, when a fire occurs at a fire scene, especially in large places such as factories, large factories, and commercial buildings, in addition to extinguishing the fire, the more important thing is to remove smoke and clear obstacles. 

This can not only prevent people in the fire scene from being suffocated by smoke, but also allow rescuers to The vision is clear and the fire extinguishing efficiency is improved.

  • Product introduction

In order to better smoke and clear obstacles, Guoxing Intelligent responded to the national trillion-dollar national debt policy in 2024 and took the lead in the overall upgrade of the fire smoke and smoke robot, and finally formed this intelligent multi-functional fire robot - with functions such as smoke exhaust, fire extinguishing, air supply, cooling, dust removal, obstacle clearance, environmental detection, image collection, wireless information transmissionself-propelled climbing and obstacle climbing, it can replace fire fighters to handle various accidents safely and efficiently.

fire extinguishing robot

  • Product features

"Fire smoke exhaust and fire extinguishing robot" is good at long-distance fire extinguishing and close-range rescue. It is 3 meters tall and has a long range. 

It can cope with the long-distance smoke exhaust and fire extinguishing needs of large fire scenes: large-volume smoke exhaust can not only quickly remove smoke, but also The field of view is clearer, and it has multiple functions such as air supply, dust removal, obstacle clearance, and image collection. 

This robot can perform corresponding functions according to emergency situations in complex fire environments. It can also activate multiple functions at the same time to quickly assist firefighters in on-site rescue.

firefighting robot

  1. Fire water cannon: water and foam dual-purpose cannon, large flow rate, long range;

  2. Fan: can spray water mist, with large flow rate of fine water mist and rapid exhaust;.

  3. Image collection: Collect multi-channel images around the robot and transmit them to the control center remotely;

  4. Self-protection function: multiple sets of self-spray cooling devices; 

  5. Lighting: four in front and two in back, LED strong lighting lamps;

  6. Control method: car panel and wireless remote control, long remote control distance;.

  7. Cooling system: Air-cooled and water-cooled dual forms of heat dissipation are used for the diesel engine and hydraulic oil system.

  • Product application

Applicable occasions include but are not limited to 

highway (rail) tunnel fires, 

subway and tunnel fires; 

petrochemical refineries 

petrochemical storage warehouses or ports, 

hazardous chemical production enterprises; 

fires in underground facilities and cargo yards, 

fires in large-span/large-space factory buildings. 

It can also be used for target reconnaissance, attack and cover in large-area toxic gas and smoke accidents and dangerous fires, fire fighting where personnel are not easily accessible, and rescue and rescue in dangerous situations.

firefighting robot application

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Guoxing Intelligent, a leading supplier of special robots

Shandong Guoxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a national-level specialized and special "little giant" enterprise. It took the lead in establishing the Shandong Special Robot Integrated Application Technology Manufacturing Innovation Center and specializes in the research, development, production and sales of special robots suitable for use in high-risk and complex environments. . The company was founded in 2004 and successfully transformed in 2014. It produces and sells more than 60 products in five series including "firefighting robots, coal mine robots, petroleum and petrochemical robots, State Grid robots and military chassis" globally.

firefighting robot supplier

The company attaches great importance to product quality certification. The fire-fighting and explosion-proof series products have obtained the anti-explosion certificate issued by the National Explosion-proof Certification Center. The fire-fighting series products have obtained the certification certificate from the Shanghai Fire Station of the Ministry of Public Security. The mining series products have passed the safety standard and the national mining product safety mark. Center certified, universal chassis SAFARI series has obtained the inspection report from Shanghai Electrical Equipment Inspection Institute and all obtained national invention patents. The company has a complete organizational management system and has currently passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental system management certification and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management System Certification.


firefighting robot manufacturer

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