The Background of Making firefighting Robot

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With the rapid development of social economy and the particularity of construction and enterprise production, the leakage of chemical hazardous materials and radioactive materials, as well as the hidden dangers of burning, explosion, and collapse, have increased, and the probability of accidents has increased accordingly. In the event of a disaster, when firefighters face high temperature, darkness, poisonous and dense smoke, if they rush into the scene without firefighting robots, they will not only fail to complete the task, but will also increase casualties.

As a kind of special robot, fire-fighting robots play an increasingly important role in fire fighting and rescue. Various large-scale petrochemical companies, tunnels, subways, etc. continue to increase, and hidden dangers such as oil and gas, poisonous gas leaks and explosions, tunnels, subway collapses, and other disasters continue to increase.

Such disasters have the characteristics of strong suddenness, complex handling process, huge harm, and difficult prevention and control, etc., and have become chronic diseases. Fire-fighting robots can replace fire-fighting rescuers to enter the scene of flammable, explosive, toxic, oxygen-deficient, dense smoke and other dangerous disaster accidents for data collection, processing, and feedback, effectively solving the personal safety and insufficient data collection of firefighters in the above-mentioned places And other issues. On-site commanders can make timely scientific judgments on the disaster situation based on their feedback results, and make correct and reasonable decisions on the disaster accident site work.

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