Talking about the application advantages and functions of crawler robot platform

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The crawler robot has the following functions:

1. It adopts synchronous belt and crawler transmission instead of common transmission methods such as gear or chain transmission.

When the transmission performance meets the requirements, the quality of the whole machine is reduced and the maneuverability of the whole machine is improved.

It has excellent obstacle-crossing ability. Automatically resume movement when stuck in a quagmire or stuck.

2. There are crawler teeth on the support surface of the synchronous crawler track of the crawler robot, which is not easy to slip, and has good traction and adhesion performance, which is conducive to exerting greater traction.

3. The robot has the function of network communication, the user can monitor the work of the robot remotely, supports one-way transmission of video and two-way transmission of voice,

and realizes monitoring of the underground environment and interaction with trapped persons.

4. The crawler is not afraid of mechanical damage such as puncturing and cutting, has waterproof properties, meets the requirements of working in tunnels and complex environments,

has good off-road mobility, and has better performances such as climbing and crossing ditch than wheeled mobile mechanisms.

5. Large support area, small grounding specific pressure, suitable for soft or muddy field operation, small subsidence, small rolling resistance, good passing performance,

and various functional sensors to realize the detection and detection of underground environmental parameters and personnel life conditions. monitor.

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