TOTO automatic intelligent security patrol robot

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   With the rapid development of Internet, artificial intelligence and 5G network, the development of robots in the field of security has also taken the opportunity, and the intelligent security patrol robot has developed rapidly.

   The security patrol robot can deeply integrate the application of core technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet and 5G network, the system integrates a series of functions, such as independent patrol, environmental perception, park monitoring, real-time communication, polar broadcasting and so on. It can intelligently identify personnel behavior, equipment operation status and environmental risks, build a safety defense line, improve inspection efficiency, and help users reduce costs and increase efficiency through independent inspection, video monitoring, background management and other functions

   Shandong OTO Robot Technology Co., Ltd. has launched an intelligent security patrol robot "TOTO", which can provide users with more convenient and intelligent factory and courtyard patrol security services.


   "TOTO" integrates strong light lighting, warning calls, audible and visual electric bells, biometrics, environmental map self-learning, autonomous cruise, autonomous obstacle avoidance, rapid battery replacement and other functions, and is internally equipped with high-capacity battery and high torque power to provide super long endurance and strong power for the equipment. It is a reliable security guard, which is widely used in indoor and outdoor mobile defense and investigation solutions.


Autonomous Navigation patrol

Equipped with high-performance 16 line radar and SLAM technology to build the patrol scene, it can conduct autonomous navigation patrol according to the set route. During the patrol, it can independently identify and avoid obstacles, monitor and identify hazard sources, and make early warning and expulsion in time.

Rapid security management

Patrol map can be quickly managed through upper computer; The establishment and deletion of patrol map can be realized; Modification of patrol route and other operations.

Intelligent security

When an abnormality is detected, it will mobilize its own PTZ camera to identify the abnormality. After it is determined as a hazard source, start the intelligent security function.

Audible and visual alarm: the equipped audible and visual alarm sends out bright red light and 110dB voice alarm sound to warn of danger source intrusion.

Voice warning: send voice warning to the hazard source through the equipped voice system, try to drive away the hazard source and turn on the lamp to illuminate the hazard source.

Drive off system: if the hazard source is still not eliminated after voice drive off. The Smurf turns on the drive off system, adjusts the angle of the water gun, and sprays the solution carried on the vehicle body to the hazard source.

Green environmental protection

Equipped with 50000ma high-capacity lithium battery; It can support long-distance cruise; Support 15A fast charging; The battery can be quickly disassembled and replaced for easy maintenance.

More than 10 precision produce line, easy to realize large quantities of goods, to provide you with the best price.

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