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Robotics Fire Fighting Robot Vehicle for Relief Operations

Strong power: 46KW engine provides power; all-terrain track drive. Three high-pressure hoses can be connected and dragged to the designated position.
2. Strong passing ability: equipped with wide crawler, can pass all terrain; can rotate in place; can pass through narrow doors and wall holes. Can freely shuttle in the stairs.
  • RXR-M150GD



intelligent firefighting robot

Product introduction

The fire robot can effectively replace the trailer monitor and mobile monitor, and use its own power to remotely control the fire monitor or water mist fan to the required position; 

It can effectively replace the fire fighters to carry out reconnaissance, fire fighting, smoke exhaust and other operations near the fire source and dangerous places. 

The operators can carry out fire fighting operations at a maximum distance of 1000 meters away from the fire source to avoid unnecessary casualties.

Applicable occasions include but are not limited to highway (railway) tunnel fires, subway station and tunnel fires, underground facilities and freight yard fires, large-span and large space plant fires, petrochemical oil depot and refinery fires; 

It can also be used for target detection, attack and cover in large-scale toxic gas and smoke accidents and dangerous fires, fire fighting where personnel are not easy to access, and emergency rescue in dangerous situations.

Product Function

  • Strong power: 46kw engine provides power;

  • All terrain track drive.

  • Three high-pressure hoses can be connected and dragged to the specified position.

  • Strong passing ability: equipped with wide crawler, it can pass through all terrain; It can rotate in place; It can pass through narrow doors and wall holes. You can shuttle freely in the stairs.

  • Equipped with 150l/s dual-purpose water cannon, with a range of 95 meters.

  • Remote control distance: the remote control range is greater than 1000 meters.

  • More comprehensive functions: fire fighting and environmental reconnaissance can detect various gases in the on-site environment, effectively ensuring the progress of rescue work and the life safety of rescue personnel.

fire extinguishing robot

Water mist self-protection

remote control firefighting robot

360 degree monitor

all terrain firefighting robot

430MM obstacle height

diesel fire fighting robot

40° max climbing


Import TFT cannon

RXR-M150GD fire fighting robot

Large Flow 150L/S

Product Parameter


Chassis Parameters

Fire extinguishing system parameters


2000×1100×1400 include water cannon

Water cannon

Water and foam dual purpose, shooting range ≥95m, 

flow rate 120L/s, water cannon and robot remote control integrated in one

Total weight



150L/S water,150L/S foam

Obstacle height


Shooting range

95m water,90m foam

Ground clearance


Pitch angle negative

negative 30°-positive 90

Climb ability

slope or stairs

Swivel angle


Roll stability angle


Auxiliary system parameters

Remote distance

1000m(panel control)


LED light, front 20Wx2 rear 10Wx2

Driving speed


Provide traction


Chassis model

ATV hydraulic rubber crawler chassis

Provide hydraulic source



Japan Yanmar turbocharged engine 20Kw@2400RPM

Optional function

Electric winch, pulling force greater than 1 ton

Self-protection function

Water mist self-protection

Application Sites



  1. Firefighting robots are primarily used in "industrial settings" with high fire risks, such as factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

  2. They are also deployed in "urban environments" to assist firefighters in extinguishing fires in buildings and other structures.

  3. "Hazardous locations" like chemical plants and oil refineries can benefit from the use of firefighting robots to tackle fires safely.

  4. "Search and rescue missions" in areas affected by natural disasters, such as earthquakes or floods, also utilize firefighting robots to locate and save trapped individuals.

  5. "Military and defense" applications involve using firefighting robots for on-base fire emergencies or during combat situations where fire hazards are present.

  6. "Aircraft and airports" may use firefighting robots to handle aircraft fires or emergencies on the runway.

  7. "Subways and tunnels" can employ firefighting robots to respond to fire incidents in confined spaces.

  8. "Forest fire management" employs specialized firefighting robots to combat wildfires and protect forests from extensive damage.

It is important to note that the application of firefighting robots may vary based on technological advancements and specific firefighting needs in different regions or industries.

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