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Robot Chassis Safari - 900T Enhanced

Load Weight:
Max Speed:

Product Introduction:

Featured large space for development and more stable travel, the product is a universal crawler robot chassis with independent Christie suspension, which can help reduce vibration at the time of heavy load. Its interior is equipped with high torque brushless DC gear motor, making the chassis strong and powerful to surmount any obstacles along its way with strong power. The accurate height of chassis, combined with motors of appropriate power, which gives it many advantages including low gravitational center, outstanding obstacle-surmounting properties, vibration reduction for heavy load and stable operation. That's why it can be applied to many complex robot movement solutions.

Product Features:

(1) Equipped with brushless DC motor and reduction gears to supply strong power;Ultrahigh chassis; able to surmount any obstacles when loading heavy and climbing stairs.

(2) Small turning radius helps realize pivot steering.

(3) Track grousers on the crawler belt can help resist slipping;excellent traction and adhesive performance and independent suspension design enables the chassis to travel more stable.

(4) Large interior space makes it possible to load more equipment.

(5) Outstanding universality allows for supporting development and customization of non-standard products.

ModelSafari 900T Enhanced
Interior Size935*390*290mm
Self Weight320KGS
Load Weight175KGS
Height of Chassis170mm
Rated Torque210NM
Body MaterialCarbon Steel
Max Angle of climbing40 Degrees(Able to climb stairs)
Operating Speed0~1.3m/s
Max Obstacle160mm
Track MaterialQuality Rubber embed with with Kevlar fiber
Suspension SystemChristie suspension
Vibration Reduction14 Independent vibration absorbers on both sides
Protection GradeIP54(Optional IP67)
Motor48V DC Brushless motor
Product ApplicationFire Fighting,EOD,Patrol Inspection,Detection,Military

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