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Robot Chassis PLT1000

Load Weight:
Max Speed:

Product Introduction:

Crawler Robot Chassis features high protective watertight grade and strong loading capacity. independent suspension has high performance. so that it can load heavy with vibration reduction.Its whole body is equipped with enhanced vibration absorbers, which is uniquely designed to absorb energy by collision to effectively reduce topography impact.That's why the product can be widely used for robot movement solutions in complex environment.

plt1000 修剪

Product Features:

(1) The chassis, its material, structure and external electrical components are all watertight in design.

(2) Independent suspension system is reliable in its performance,to load heavy and reduce vibration.

(3) Its motor is of low voltage motor,featuring strong power,higher load capacity and traction ability.

(4) Its motor control system is of low voltage DC control system, which is closed-loop control. That's why the product can realize accurate control and position to meet the requirements on control accuracy of our clients.

(5) It features strong maneuverability and low center-of-gravity position,so that it has good obstacle and angle mounting capacity;it has small radius of turning,moving agilely and quickly with adjustable speed.

(6) its walking part is made of rubber crawler belt,featuring low ground pressure,excellent adhesion conditions, good road adaption and easy maintenance ans so on.

Model PLT1000 PKT1200
Dimensions 1100*800*460mm 1240*930*420mm
Interior Size 280*300*300mm 570*440*200mm
Self Weight 170KGS 268KGS
Load Weight 100KGS 100KGS
Height of Chassis 120mm 160mm
Rated Torque 82NM 163NM
Body Material Stainless Steel
Max Angle of climbing 40 Degrees(Able to climb stairs)
Operating Speed 1.6m/s
Max Obstacle 180mm 150mm
Track Material Quality Rubber embed with with Kevlar fiber
Suspension System Christie and Matilda four wheel balance version Christie Suspension
Vibration Reduction 6 Independent vibration absorbers on both sides
Protection Grade IP66(Optional IP67)
Motor 48V DC motor
Product Application Fire Fighting,EOD,Patrol Inspection,Detection,Wading

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