New wheeled explosion-proof patrol robot-Powerful assistant for petrochemical inspection

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Guoxing Intelligent New Product Wheeled Explosion-proof Patrol Robot Powerful Assistant for Petrochemical Patrol Inspection

The petrochemical industry is a high-risk industry, prone to fire, explosion and other disasters. 

In order to ensure the safe production of petrochemical enterprises, it is necessary to carry out patrol inspection and check the relevant equipment parameters and parts. 

However, there are many unscientific aspects in the conventional manual patrol inspection and assessment method, that is, it is difficult to verify the time, and it is easy to make some security inspectors relax their vigilance. 

It is likely that a small operational error may lead to disastrous consequences. In addition, in case of explosion during patrol inspection, casualties will also increase.

The addition of inspection robots will avoid the mistakes caused by manual inspection, reduce the occurrence of safety accidents and ensure the safety of life and property. 

The wheeled explosion-proof patrol robot independently developed by Guoxing Intelligent adopts the complete explosion-proof, which can be used in various large petrochemical enterprises. 

The upper part can be carried in a variety of forms. It is a widely used and efficient special equipment in the oil and gas patrol system. 

It has the characteristics of high efficiency, cost reduction, stability, complete functions and wide application range.


Flexible expansion · applicable to multiple scenarios

The wheeled explosion-proof patrol robot reserves multiple external interfaces, and can carry intelligent devices such as sensors and radars, which can be extended in multiple scenarios. 

The robot size is 1100mm * 730mm * 650mm, and its dead weight is 275KG.

Mobile and flexible, calm in small space

The wheeled explosion-proof inspection robot is driven by four wheels and can run flexibly and rotate in place. It can walk freely in a narrow space without missing any inspection position.

Powerful and easy to cope with complex road conditions

The chassis of the wheeled explosion-proof robot uses lithium battery power as the power source. The vehicle power is 3000W, and the power is strong. The robot can easily cope with complex roads, such as asphalt roads, mountain roads, gravel roads, muddy roads, etc.

Strong carrying capacity, convenient for carrying and expansion

The wheeled explosion-proof robot adopts a planetary reducer with strong bearing capacity. The upper part of the equipment is a plane structure, which can provide sufficient tooling space and meet the carrying requirements of the industry inspection equipment.

High protection level · guarantee patrol inspection

The wheeled explosion-proof robot has an explosion-proof grade of Ex d ib IIC T6 Gb and a waterproof grade of IP66. It can safely drive in the petrochemical area and ensure normal patrol inspection in rainy and snowy weather.

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