"New Horizon, New Momentum" - Guoxing Intelligence Takes Center Stage at the 2023 World Robot Conference!

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"New Horizon, New Momentum" - Guoxing Intelligence Takes Center Stage at the 2023 World Robot Conference!

The 2023 World Robot Conference officially opened on August 16th at the Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing. This conference combines three major components: forums, exhibitions, and competitions, along with a series of related activities, showcasing China's "smart manufacturing" capabilities to the world. 

Guoxing Intelligence has been participating in the World Robot Conference for several consecutive years, showcasing high-tech intelligent firefighting products such as intelligent firefighting robots, coal mining robots, and petroleum and petrochemical robots to the global audience.

fire fighting robot

At this conference, Guoxing Intelligence showcased more than ten products, including wheeled explosion-proof inspection robots, diesel-driven rapid response firefighting robots, mining firefighting robots, four-arm robots, explosion-proof chassis, and more. 

With their sleek and practical designs, these products attracted a large number of attendees. Guoxing Intelligence not only provided a visual demonstration of the application of cutting-edge technological achievements but also garnered significant attention from industry experts, mainstream media, and various sectors of society at the exhibition site.

fire rescue robot

firefighting robot

fire fighting robot

Director of the Shanghai Fire Research Institute of the Emergency Management Department and co founder of the Zhongguancun Rongzhi Special Robot Industry Alliance visited the booth

diesel fire fighting robot

Guoxing Intelligence has consistently placed a deep focus on the manufacturing, research, and development of special-purpose robots. 

They have made continuous efforts in research and development, leveraging their technological advantages and R&D capabilities to meet the market demand for special-purpose robots in industries such as firefighting, coal mining, petroleum and petrochemicals, the national power grid, and military. They have also placed special emphasis on the intelligence and digitization of their products, working comprehensively on systems, design, mechanics, and processing. This approach aims to continually enhance core capabilities in flexibility, safety, self-recognition, environmental adaptability, and more. Guoxing Intelligence is dedicated to contributing to the development of the special-purpose robot industry.

robot tank chassis


security robot


fire rescue robot

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