08/ 18/ 2021
Guoxing Intelligent launches diesel fire extinguishing robot

Fire-fighting robots are working equipment in extreme environments. They are used in high-temperature fire scenes and other working environments. They have multiple functions such as radiation protection, remote control, precise fire extinguishing, smoke exhaust and obstacle clearance. All the power

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05/ 27/ 2022
Talking about the application advantages and functions of crawler robot platform

The crawler robot has the following functions:1. It adopts synchronous belt and crawler transmission instead of common transmission methods such as gear or chain transmission. When the transmission performance meets the requirements, the quality of the whole machine is reduced and the maneuverab

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04/ 08/ 2021
Explosion-proof Fire Fighting Robot Delivery Ceremony

On March 31, 2021, Guoxing Intelligent held a delivery ceremony of explosion-proof fire-fighting robots. In front of the company's new building, key customers and all employees participated in this delivery ceremony. This is the batch shipment of explosion-proof, fire-fighting robots, which is

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10/ 12/ 2020
How to do the daily maintenance work of tracked chassis

(1) Repair and maintain according to the crawler chassis maintenance plan.(2) Before the machine enters the warranty, the operator shall thoroughly clean the equipment to keep the machine clean and complete and enter the factory.(3) For newly purchased accessories, it is necessary to check its

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11/ 12/ 2020
What can fire fighting robots do?

The rubber track of the fire-fighting robot is made of special materials and can withstand up to 750°C;it can walk, climb, climb stairs and cross obstacles by remote control; adapt to a variety of environments, high temperature resistance, heat radiation resistance, rain protection, and Chemical rot, a

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10/ 12/ 2020
The Advantages of Fire Fighting Robot

Keep Life Safe.As a lifeless robot, fire fighting robots can fully play their role in various dangerous and complex environments such as high temperature, toxic, hypoxia, and dense smoke, and greatly reduce the casualties of firefighters.

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