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Intelligent Security Patrol Guard with Self Charging

Mobile defensive reconnaissance solutions for courtyards and public spaces
This product is a defense reconnaissance robot, providing users with intelligent and efficient mobile defense and reconnaissance services.
  • WT1000



Security Robot System

Product introduction

W T 1 0 0 0   provides users with intelligent and efficient mobile defense and investigation services.



Introducing Security Robot - Safeguarding Your Premises with Advanced Technology

In today's ever-evolving security landscape, ensuring the safety of our premises has become a top priority. To meet the challenges of modern security threats, we are proud to introduce our state-of-the-art Security Robot, a cutting-edge solution designed to protect and monitor your property with unmatched efficiency and intelligence.

The Security Robot is an autonomous and intelligent robotic system equipped with advanced sensors, cameras, and artificial intelligence algorithms. Its primary mission is to enhance security measures and support human security personnel in surveillance, threat detection, and emergency response scenarios.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  1. Autonomous Navigation: The robot can autonomously navigate through various environments, indoors and outdoors, intelligently avoiding obstacles and mapping its surroundings.

  2. Real-time Surveillance: Equipped with high-resolution cameras and infrared sensors, the Security Robot provides continuous, real-time video streaming and surveillance, ensuring no blind spots are left unchecked.

  3. Threat Detection: Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, the robot can identify and analyze potential security threats, such as unauthorized access, suspicious objects, or intruders.

  4. Intrusion Response: In the event of a security breach, the Security Robot can take immediate action, such as sounding alarms, flashing lights, or issuing verbal warnings, to deter intruders and prevent escalation.

  5. Patrolling and Reporting: Capable of scheduled patrols or on-demand missions, the robot logs and reports all activities and incidents, providing a comprehensive security record.

  6. Integration with Security Systems: The Security Robot seamlessly integrates with existing security infrastructure, including access control systems, CCTV networks, and alarm systems, enhancing overall security coordination and effectiveness.

  7. Emergency Response: During emergencies or hazardous situations, the robot can be remotely controlled to gather critical information, provide situational awareness, and assist in evacuation efforts.


  1. Enhanced Security: The presence of the Security Robot acts as a powerful deterrent, reducing the likelihood of security breaches and criminal activities.

  2. Cost-effective: By automating routine surveillance tasks, the robot optimizes human resources, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

  3. 24/7 Monitoring: Unlike human guards, the Security Robot can operate around the clock, ensuring continuous surveillance without fatigue or distractions.

  4. Data-driven Insights: The robot's AI-powered analytics generate valuable insights into security patterns and vulnerabilities, aiding in strategic decision-making.

  5. Flexibility: The Security Robot can be deployed in a wide range of environments, adapting to various security requirements and challenges.

  6. Human Collaboration: While autonomous, the robot complements human security personnel, providing valuable support and augmenting overall security efforts.

Our Security Robot represents the future of security, combining cutting-edge technology with human expertise to create a robust defense against potential threats. Trust us to deliver reliable, intelligent, and proactive security solutions, tailored to safeguard what matters most to you.

Contact us today to explore how the Security Robot can revolutionize your security infrastructure and provide peace of mind in an ever-changing world.

Key Features

  • Autonomous unmanned ground vehicle

  • Fully autonomous patrolling

  • Panoramic video surveillance system

  • 4-wheel drive, Independent suspension

  • Automatic obstacle avoidance function.

  • In-situ turning

  • Replace tires quickly in the field and special environment.

  • Relatively compact

  • Warning and shouting, audible and visual electric bell and strong light lighting.

  • Biometric function

  • Environment map self-learning.

  • The battery can be quickly removed and replaced

  • Self charging

  • Different configurations can be selected:

  • Configuration 1: The defense system can achieve ± 45 ° rotation and 0~+30 ° pitch.

    With high-pressure water pump, it can attack the enemy at 7~10 meters in an ideal environment;

    At the same time, it is equipped with a micro dry powder system, which can spray enemies at close range or spray small fires at the initial stage.

  • Configuration 2: Catch net gun.

    The best effective distance for firing is 8-10M.

    At 4M, the net rope will open gradually, and the catch net can be recovered for reuse.

Configuration 1 

With liquid & dry powder gun

Surveillance Robot

Configuration 2

With catching net gun

Surveillance Robot System


  • Guards robots for an industrial, commercial and utility companies

  • Patrolling perimeters

  • Amusement park security at night

  • Industrial facilities

  • Manufacturing plants and warehouses

  • Parking lots

  • Chemical plants, oil & gas facilities

  • Solar farms and photovoltaic power plants

  • Physical security of critical infrastructure

  • Resorts, golf courses, beach patrols, and more

Patrol Robot System

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Product Parameter





Working ambient temperature


Weight quality


Suspension system

Front and rear double wishbone independent   suspension damping

Minimum turning radius

In situ rotation

Driving form

Four wheel independent drive

Operation speed


Max obstacle height

Max climbing ability


Remote distance

Working hour

6H Normal temperature 6H


AC220V independent charger

Charging time


Communication interface


Braking distance

Remote control function


Protection grade





Mini ground clearance




Aluminium alloy


Steel plate


Quality rubber

Surface treatment




Lithium battery





Injection system

Injection angle



Injection distance


Pump pressure


Catch met gun

Mesh specification

Mesh hole specification
Effective launchdistance 8-10M
Optimal capture distance 4-10M
Operating ambient temperature -5`49 ℃

Core Technology

Auto Navigation

Integrated navigation positioning accuracy < 4cm

With LIO (3D multi line laser) navigation system

Equipped with IO+RTK navigation system

Equipped with LIO+RTK navigation system

Three navigation systems can be selected randomly according to actual working conditions

Provide robot with high-precision automatic driving experience.

Intelligent Security System

City Safety System

The robot has its own biometric function, all-round spraying function,

Audible and visual alarm function,

Voice call function,

Provide strong screening and output guarantee for reconnaissance work.

AI Security Robot

Lane Keeping System

Through self-learning environment map and road network planning, the robot can keep driving on the map according to the pre planned path.

Mobile Surveillance Robot

Road Deviation Warning

Through self-learning of environment map and road network planning, the robot can achieve centimeter level positioning and stop early warning on the road route.

Intrusion Detection Robot

Multiple Control Mode

Remote control mode

The robot can be controlled by a hand-held remote controller to realize the motion control of the whole robot and the triggering of each executive unit mechanism.

Emergency Response Robot

Automatic driving mode

The robot can be controlled through the PC supporting upper computer to realize the map construction, path planning and autonomous navigation of the robot.

Guard Robot System

Automatic patrol mode

The robot can be controlled through the PC terminal supporting the upper computer to realize the configuration of robot patrol tasks and complete the routing, timing and fixed-point patrol work in the fixed park



LIO Navigation

LIO-SLAM is particularly suitable for multi-sensor fusion. It is a framework for tightly coupled lidar inertial range measurement through smoothing and mapping, and is used to perform real-time state estimation and mapping in complex environments.

Automated Security Patrol

RTK Navigation

RTK(Real - time kinematic) carrier phase difference technology is a difference method for real-time processing of carrier phase observation of two measuring stations. The carrier phase collected by the reference station is sent to the user receiver to calculate the coordinates.

Unmanned Security Vehicle

Security guard patrol services are becoming roboticized!

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