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Intelligent Disinfection Robot

Tracked or Wheeled Intelligent Disinfection Robots


Product Feature

◆ equipped with 650W DC brushless motor and reducer to provide strong power, the chassis height is more than 90mm, which can load obstacles and climb steps.

◆ the turning radius is very small, and the original turning can be realized.

◆ there are shoe teeth on the track support surface, which are not easy to slip, and have good traction and adhesion performance. The independent suspension design makes the chassis car run more smoothly.

◆ wide inner warehouse space, which can carry more equipment.

◆ strong versatility, supporting non-standard product development and customization.

Water mist can disinfect the air and the ground when it falls. In the enclosed space, the whole room can be disinfection and sterilization.

For special areas, where it is difficult for disinfection and sterilization personnel to enter, and there are places with cross infection, disinfection and sterilization robots can replace humans in disinfection and sterilization work.

With the operation box, real-time picture transmission of the on-site disinfection and sterilization situation.

Product Parameter

Item Parameter
Power 48V650W DC brushless motor
Operating ambient temperature -20℃~55℃
Suspension system Christie suspension
Rated power 650W*2
Operation speed 0~1.4m/s
Max obstacle crossing 125mm
Max climbing angle 25 degree
Tank capacity 30L
Shooting distance 8m
Max flow 1.5L/min
Rotation angle of mist eliminator 35°
Spray mode Automatic, manual
RC distance Open 1000M
Working time 1H
Size Dimension 1180*770*980mm
Weight Self weight 190KG
Battery Model Lithium battery
Capacity 30AH
Voltage 48V

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