How to do the daily maintenance work of tracked chassis

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(1) Repair and maintain according to the crawler chassis maintenance plan.

(2) Before the machine enters the warranty, the operator shall thoroughly clean the equipment to keep the machine clean and complete and enter the factory.

(3) For newly purchased accessories, it is necessary to check its appearance quality and standard size to ensure the quality of the accessories.

(4) The first step for tracked chassis is to park the equipment in place for repair and maintenance; the support pad is firm, and the triangular wood is laid to make the equipment park safe and reliable.

(5) The repaired parts must be inspected to meet the assembly technical requirements and ensure the quality of the ingredients.

(6) To go through the machine warranty procedures, a special person is required to appraise the equipment before the machine is repaired, check the technical status of the machine, and improve the maintenance items to fill in the maintenance worksheet and make relevant records.

(7) According to the track chassis maintenance items, the personnel are assigned to divide the labor, and the tools are selected correctly, and the equipment is disassembled. The parts required to be disassembled are placed in a special basin and can be used again after cleaning.

(8) Make preparations for the appraisal of parts and components, let the technicians appraise the parts, and deal with the parts that are determined to be usable and replaceable in accordance with the assembly methods and fit clearance of the machine.

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