Highlighting scientific research strength 丨 Guoxing intelligent won the 2021 national commercial science and Technology Progress Award

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    In the selection results of "2021 science and technology award of China Federation of Commerce" announced by the China Federation of Commerce, the "key technology innovation and industrialization of cooperative positioning reconnaissance and fire fighting robots in complex environments" jointly completed by Shandong Guoxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Guoxing Robot Joint Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Shandong OTO Robot Technology Co., Ltd. won the third prize of the national commercial science and technology progress award.


    The "science and technology award of the China Federation of Commerce" was established with the approval of the Ministry of science and technology and the national science and Technology Award Office. It aims to commend the units and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the scientific research, technological innovation, achievement promotion and high-tech industrialization of the national commercial industry, so as to promote the scientific and technological progress of the commercial industry in China.


    The award-winning project of "innovation and industrialization of key technologies of cooperative positioning reconnaissance and fire fighting robots in complex environments" breaks through the high protection performance of fire robots in explosive and other harsh environments, the high-performance climbing and obstacle climbing technology of robots in complex unstructured environments, the ultra long-range wireless communication technology in complex sheltered environments, the high-precision multi-agent space positioning technology, the high-precision identification and dynamic tracking technology of fire sources, And multi-agent cluster robot cooperative operation technology. So as to meet the urgent needs of national emergency equipment and technology, provide effective technical support for national major natural disaster emergency and social public security, and promote the promotion and application of intelligent fire protection system industry.


    For a long time, Guoxing intelligent has attached importance to the scientific research in the field of special robots, strengthened the technical cooperation of industry university research cooperation, realized the innovative application of products and the sustainable development of the industry, enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises, and promoted the development of the industry to high quality.

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