Henan Fire Rescue Corps collaborates with Guoxing Intelligence, and the firefighting robot has been successfully accepted!

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Henan Fire Rescue Corps collaborates with Guoxing Intelligence, and the firefighting robot has been successfully accepted

On March 25, 2024, Guoxing Intelligence successfully delivered a batch of firefighting robots to the Henan Provincial Fire Rescue Corps, passing the equipment acceptance inspection conducted by the Henan Corps Equipment Acceptance Team.


The equipment acceptance team of the Henan Co  rps conducted comprehensive testing and acceptance of this delivery. The relevant person in charge stated, 'Guoxing Intelligence's batch delivery of firefighting robots all meet the acceptance standards. We hope that in subsequent actual rescue scenarios, they can play their maximum role in safeguarding the lives and property of the people, effectively enhancing the intelligence and automation level of firefighting and rescue operations.'

firefighting robot

The Henan Provincial Fire Rescue Corps has purchased Guoxing Intelligence's firefighting and extinguishing robot. This model of robot offers significant development potential and provides smoother movement, serving as a versatile tracked robot chassis.

The vehicle incorporates Christie independent suspension design, enabling better shock absorption for heavy loads. Internally, it is equipped with deceleration motors, providing robust power to the chassis for overcoming obstacles. Precise chassis height paired with appropriately powered motors gives this model a low center of gravity, excellent maneuverability, and smooth operation even under heavy loads, making it widely applicable for robot mobility solutions in complex environments.

fire rescue robot

  • Wide tracks, suitable for operations in soft, muddy, and other complex environments, with excellent off-road performance.

  • Capable of achieving pivot turns.

  • Equipped with a high-quality water cannon that can rotate and pitch, enabling comprehensive firefighting.

  • Dual water hoses for high flow rate.

  • Exceptional climbing and obstacle-crossing capabilities.

  • Self-sprinkler system for cooling in fire or high-temperature environments, ensuring normal vehicle operation.

  • Waterproof design for the entire machine.

fire fighting robot

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