Guoxing intelligent disinfection robot attend China (Beijing) International Service Trade Fair

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The robot "Thor 2" exhibited this time can climb hills, climb obstacles, and climb stairs. It is suitable for outdoor and large indoor places such as major farmer's markets, shopping malls, park squares, stations, parking lots, residential communities, streets and so on. It can replace front line personnel to enter public areas that are prone to cross-infection and remote narrow passages that cannot be reached by anti-epidemic vehicles, improve the ability to accurately kill and prevent epidemics, greatly reduce the threat to personnel, and improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention.


Shandong Guoxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an industry leader in the development of special intelligent robots. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, all the company's scientific research staff have invested in the development of special robot chassis for many years, racing against time to develop new crawler-type intelligent anti-epidemic robots and wheeled intelligent anti-epidemic robots.


At present, the prototype of the intelligent anti-epidemic robot has been put into use in the surrounding areas of Yantai Development Zone, which has greatly improved the efficiency of anti-epidemic and reduced the risk of cross-infection of personnel contact, and achieved good epidemic prevention effects.

More than 10 precision production line, easy to realize large quantities of goods, to provide you with the best price.

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