Guoxing Intelligent was invited to participate in the China "Robot+Intelligent Mine" Industry Integration Development Summit Forum

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Guoxing Intelligent was invited to participate in the China "Robot+Intelligent Mine" Industry Integration Development Summit Forum

    From March 23rd to 24th, 2023, the China "Robot+Intelligent Mine" Industry Integration Development Summit Forum and the second "Intelligent Mine" Council and Special Editor's Annual Meeting were held in Shenzhen to discuss how to accelerate the intelligent construction of mines.


  Deeply promote the technological innovation and construction practice of intelligent mines, and lead the development trend of unmanned intelligent operation of mines, Topics such as promoting high-quality development of mining enterprises and mining robot enterprises were discussed in depth. 

  Sun Hongyang, Deputy General Manager of the Marketing Center of Shandong Guoxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to participate in this event to discuss the unmanned and intelligent development of the mine.



  As a national level specialized "small giant" enterprise integrating application technology and manufacturing innovation center for special robots in Eastern Province, Guoxing Intelligent focuses on the intelligent construction of coal mines, develops and manufactures multiple intelligent coal mine products, and develops machine instead of artificial solutions in high-risk and complex environments. 

  This is the philosophy that Guoxing Intelligent's research and development personnel have always adhered to. In this event, Deputy General Manager Sun Hongyang attended the closed door seminar on mining robots. 

  During the meeting, Deputy General Manager Sun Hongyang introduced the company's product composition, technological innovation, product application, and other information in mining robots in recent years.


  "At present, Guoxing Intelligent has rescue robots such as mining fire fighting reconnaissance robots, underground main and auxiliary fire fighting robots, underground crawler type detection robots, thin coal seam integrated drilling and installation machines, mining robots such as tunneling robots for fully mechanized mining through fault drilling robots, mining wireless base stations, mining track hanging patrol robots, explosion-proof wheeled patrol robots, and security control robots. Not only does Guoxing Intelligent have a complete range of products, but also has a wide range of functions and products "We have obtained relevant qualification certificates such as coal safety certification, mine safety certification, and explosion-proof certificate." Sun Hongyang, Deputy General Manager, said that Guoxing Intelligent has taken practical actions to promote the deep integration of intelligence and traditional industries, helping the coal mining industry transform and upgrade to digital and intelligent.



  At the meeting, China's "robot+mine" industry collaborative promotion matrix was officially established. 

  Based on building a platform for integrated innovation and collaborative development of mining robot applications, the square array aims to promote communication and in-depth cooperation among relevant entities, solve common technical industrial issues, form industrial chain collaboration, accelerate the construction of standards and certification systems, create a good development environment for integrated applications, achieve the incubation and promotion of mining robot applications, and promote the vigorous development of mining robot applications. 

  Guoxing Intelligent and middling coal Science and Engineering Group have reached an intention to join the square matrix, and jointly promote the vigorous development of mine intelligence and the application of mine robots.


  The "Made in China 2025" development plan proposes to achieve intelligent key processes, robot substitution for key positions, intelligent control of production processes, and the construction of intelligent factories in key fields. 

  In the future, coal mines will achieve networked production equipment and unmanned production sites. In the future, Guoxing Intelligent will continue to increase investment in research and development, improve its technological innovation capabilities, give full play to its technological advantages and research and development capabilities, adhere to technological innovation, and take the path of high-quality development, providing impetus for the coal mining industry to achieve safe, unmanned, and intelligent development, as well as high-quality development of high-end intelligent equipment.


GUOXING patrol detection robot


GUOXING KINGKONG Series fire fighting robotics


GUOXING RXR Series Fire Fighting Robitics

Cooperation Case


GUOXING Fire Fighting Robotics Parts of Cooperation Case

Shandong Guoxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.,

as a national-level specialized special new "little giant" enterprise,

and Shandong Provincial Special Robot Integrated Application Technology Manufacturing Innovation Center,

focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of special robots,

providing high-quality fire-fighting robots.

The 15-meter high-spray fire-fighting robot independently developed by

Shandong Guoxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

is driven by pure electricity, remote control,

flexible and easy to operate. As one of the special robots,

the 15-meter high-spray fire-fighting robot can replace fire rescue personnel

to enter the scene of flammable, explosive, toxic, anoxic,

dense smoke and other dangerous disasters to extinguish fires,

effectively solving the problems faced by firefighters in the above places. Personal safety issues.




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