Good news! The mine fire fighting reconnaissance robot won the gold medal of the "Mayor's Cup" and the silver medal of the "Governor's Cup"

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  Recently, the 2022 World Industrial Design Conference, co sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the People's Government of Shandong Province, and organized by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province, the People's Government of Yantai City, China Industrial Design Association and Shandong Industrial Design Institute, was held in Yantai. 

  At the award ceremony of the fourth "Mayor's Cup" Industrial Design Competition held during the meeting, the mine fire fighting reconnaissance robot independently developed by Shandong Guoxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. won the gold medal. 

  Prior to this, the mine fire fighting reconnaissance robot also won the silver medal in the fourth "Provincial Governor Cup" Industrial Design Competition in Shandong Province, which fully proves the strength of Guoxing Intelligent in product technical performance innovation and other aspects.



The overall appearance design of the mine fire fighting reconnaissance robot is based on industrial toughness. 

The lines spliced with metal materials are used to express the overall design and momentum, reflecting the sense of speed and strength of the product. 

The combination of Chinese red and obsidian black, which can reflect the characteristics of national independent brands and industrial attributes, shows the combination of product aesthetics and mechanics. 

The detailed features such as texture lighting and laser radar show the overall powerful and reliable robot design of the product.


The mine fire fighting reconnaissance robot is mainly used for environmental detection and fire fighting rescue in the dangerous operation area of the mine. 

In terms of performance, the autonomous navigation function, as an important component and highlight design, can realize the robot's autonomous path planning and show the autonomy and intelligence of the product. In addition, as a robot used in flammable, explosive, toxic, anoxic, thick smoke and other environments in the coal mine, it is equipped with an explosion-proof grade of EX d [ib] Mb; The matching detection has a variety of gas instruments and thermal imagers, which enable the robot to have vision, hearing, touch, heat and other functions. 

It can achieve real-time collection and analysis of on-site images, sound, temperature, and environment, and then it can be matched with a mining handheld terminal that integrates data, voice, and communication. 

It can achieve real-time feedback of equipment status information and surrounding environment to the operator, and can also issue action instructions to the robot, In addition, it can establish communication or free networking with robots. 

The measured point-to-point communication distance exceeds 1000 meters, making coal mine reconnaissance and rescue more intelligent.

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