Good news! Guoxing Intelligent won the bid including patrol robots and rescue robots with the amount of 5,760,000 CNY

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  At the beginning of the new year, Guoxing Intelligence received good news and successfully won the bid for the instrument and equipment procurement project of the comprehensive scientific and technological innovation research and development platform of Henan University of Science and Technology, with the bid winning amount of 5,760,000 CNY.


After understanding the project needs, the project team of Guoxing Intelligent has carried out in-depth demand analysis, project technical scheme demonstration and key technology verification. 

The project team has unified its thinking, strengthened its belief in winning, and carried out careful arrangement and reasonable division of labor to complete the bid preparation with high quality and successfully complete the bidding work. 

Finally, Guoxing Intelligent stood out from many bidding enterprises and won the recognition of judges and experts by virtue of its excellent performance in R&D strength, product quality, after-sales service and other aspects.

It is understood that the bid winning instrument and equipment procurement project of Henan University of Science and Technology's comprehensive scientific and technological innovation research and development platform includes more than 10 products, including patrol robots and rescue robots

The project will help Henan University of Science and Technology to build a comprehensive scientific and innovative research and development platform for autonomous robots in smart agriculture, and also show Guoxing Intelligent's product research and development strength in the field of science and education.

Scientific and technological innovation empowers companies to develop markets. Up to now, Guoxing Intelligent has all the independent intellectual property rights of its products, has obtained nearly 160 authorized invention patents, utility model patents, appearance patents, 9 authorized computer software copyrights, 1 industry standard, 2 group standards, and 5 national standards for explosion-proof series products, effectively improving the company's technological innovation level and product quality, It has also been widely recognized by the market.


The scientific and technological innovation of Guoxing Intelligent has not only been recognized by the market, but also highly recognized by the industry and industry. 

It has won various awards and titles, including the title of "National Specialized and Special New 'Little Giant'", the cultivation enterprise of Yantai Multiplication Plan, etc. 

The company's products are exported to home and abroad, and Guoxing Intelligent has also become a leading special robot enterprise in China.

In the new year, Guoxing Intelligent takes "a good start" in the new year as the first stick in the "red throughout the year", deepens the market, develops projects, and constantly improves the market competitiveness and market share of the enterprise.


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