Good news! Guoxing Intelligent won the bid for Sinopec

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   firefighting robot manufacturer


Recently, Sinopec held a public bidding for the procurement of fire robots from 2023 to 2025, and Guoxing Intelligent Fire Robot was successfully shortlisted for the Sinopec supplier list with the first place.

As the first bidder to participate in Sinopec framework procurement, Guoxing Intelligent has undergone on-site review and evaluation by Sinopec expert group. 

The expert group conducted a comprehensive assessment from all aspects of the company and ultimately passed the on-site audit with excellent results.

The winning of the Sinopec project this time is a verification of our company's strength over the years. Behind this winning bid is our team's continuous efforts and dedication, high-quality service throughout the entire process, and a constantly improving work attitude. It is an affirmation of our professional ability and also a proof of our strength and reputation in the industry. 

The winning product fully proves that Guoxing Intelligent products have been fully recognized and affirmed by the market in terms of performance, quality, and usage scenarios.


fire fighting robot

The explosion-proof detection and fire robot is an intelligent fire robot designed and produced in accordance with the GB3836-2010 explosion-proof standard. 

It can replace fire rescue personnel to enter the scene of flammable, explosive, toxic, oxygen deficient, dense smoke and other dangerous disasters for fire extinguishing, effectively solving the personal safety faced by fire rescue personnel in the aforementioned places. 

Simple body design, more stable, combined with high-power DC deceleration motor to make obstacles particularly simple.

fire fighting robot application

Large flow firefighting robots can effectively replace trailer guns and mobile guns, and use their own power to remotely control the fire monitor to the desired position. Effectively replace fire rescue personnel to conduct reconnaissance, firefighting, and other operations near fire sources and hazardous areas, avoiding unnecessary casualties.

Applicable occasions include but are not limited to highway tunnel fires, large-span and large space factory building fires, petrochemical oil depots and refinery fires, it can also be used for target reconnaissance, attack, and cover in large-scale gas and smoke accidents.

RXR-M120D RXR-M120D To Oil Pipeline Company (2)

fire fighting robot supplier

More than 10 precision produce line, easy to realize large quantities of goods, to provide you with the best price.

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