Good news! Guoxing Intelligent Yantai Special Robot Manufacturing Innovation Center passed the accreditation

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  Recently, Yantai Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued YGXJ [2022] No. 17 Notice on the Identification of Yantai Special Robot Manufacturing Innovation Center, which identified Yantai Special Robot Manufacturing Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as "Manufacturing Innovation Center") led by Shandong Guoxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 

  This platform is the only manufacturing innovation center of Yantai special robot industry.


  The recognition of this manufacturing innovation center also indicates that Guoxing Intelligent has reached a new level in design, research and technological innovation in the field of special robots, and will also realize the chain development of special robot industry from technological research and development to product application.

  Yantai Special Robot Manufacturing Innovation Center is a new innovation carrier built with Guoxing Robotics Research Institute as the legal person carrier, and six leading backbone enterprises with strong competitiveness in the industrial chain, including the National Institute of Explosion proof Electrical, as the legal person shareholders, bringing together 46 large enterprises, research institutes, universities, industry organizations and other innovation subjects. 

  It is an innovation platform that focuses on the R&D supply, transfer and diffusion of cutting-edge technologies and key generic technologies in key fields and the first commercialization, facing the major demand for innovative development of manufacturing industry, highlighting the collaborative innovation orientation.

  In 2020, Yantai Special Robot Innovation Center will be included in the cultivation list of Yantai Manufacturing Innovation Center. 

  The innovation center is led by Guoxing Robotics Research Institute. All the researchers attach great importance to it and increase their investment in the innovation center from many aspects.


  First, establish an innovation alliance. Guoxing Robotics Research Institute, together with 46 scientific research institutes and large enterprises and institutions, including the National Institute of Explosion proof Electrical Research, Wanhua Chemical, Jerry Petroleum, Shandong Special Equipment Inspection and Testing Group, Yantai University, Shandong Jiaotong University, established the "Shandong Special Robot Integrated Application Technology Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance".

The second is to build a research and development base. The research institute invested more than 50 million yuan to build more than 20000 square meters of research and development and office space of Shandong Special Robot Integrated Application Technology Manufacturing Innovation Center. The project was completed and put into use in September 2022.

Third, purchase various equipment. It has invested to build a robot testing center, purchased more than ten experimental and production equipment for special robot testing, built a research and development laboratory of more than 5000 square meters, and completed the configuration of various software and hardware facilities such as research and development equipment and testing equipment; The research institute has purchased several large-scale imported processing equipment for the research, development and production of special robots according to the demand.

Fourth, introduce high-end talents. On the one hand, the Institute has trained more than doctors and masters by itself, on the other hand, it has also introduced more than 10 top talents, established a research and development team of more than 50 people, completed five key generic technology research and development, completed three research and development projects for the commercialization of technical achievements, and completed two projects for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Fifth, the Summit Forum was held. In order to strengthen industrial technical exchanges, promote talent training, and solve the bottlenecks encountered in enterprise development and technological innovation, a scientific and technological achievements exhibition hall was built, two national or provincial industrial achievements exchange activities were held, and three college student training bases were built, with a total of more than 500 person times of social academic reports organized.

In the future, Guoxing Intelligent will continue to take innovation as the concept of development, promote innovative and sustainable high-quality development in the field of special robots, and help China's special robots to enhance their global competitiveness.

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