Go abroad and highlight the hard power of "China's intelligent manufacturing"

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Go abroad and highlight the hard power of "China's intelligent manufacturing"

  With the development of science and technology and the birth of local wars, in recent years, military robots with "eighteen kinds of martial arts" have appeared one after another, and are favored because of their ability to reduce casualties, adapt to extreme environments, and have cost advantages.

  Middle East customers who have cooperated with Guoxing Intelligent for two years have purchased the protective crawler robot chassis PLT-1000 as a platform for carrying military equipment and manufactured military robots that can be put into the battlefield, which has been widely recognized and praised by the market.


  The protective tracked chassis PLT-1000 can become a platform for carrying weapons and equipment, which is closely related to its superior performance, excellent quality and strong versatility.

   First of all, the protective tracked chassis PLT-1000 is the carrier of basic research on intelligent mobile robots. It can carry handling equipment such as robots, weapons equipment, fire fighting equipment, and rescue equipment. It has a large interior space, making it more versatile;


   Secondly, the robot chassis adopts waterproof design, the chassis material and structure adopt waterproof design, and the external electrical components also adopt waterproof design, which is not affected by rainy weather and wading environment; 

   Third, the independent suspension damping system has reliable performance, can adapt to heavy load shock absorption, and achieve smooth driving on bumpy roads;

   Fourth, the motor adopts low-voltage DC motor with strong power and high load capacity and traction capacity; 

   Fifth, the power control system adopts low-voltage DC control system, closed-loop control, which can achieve precise control and positioning, and meet the control accuracy requirements; 

  Sixth, it has strong mobility, low center of gravity, certain ability to surmount obstacles and climb slopes, and can surmount obstacles with load; 

  Seventh, the turning radius is small, which can realize turning in place, and the movement is flexible, fast, and the speed is adjustable; 

  Eighth, the walking part adopts rubber track, which has the characteristics of low specific pressure to ground, good adhesion conditions, strong pavement adaptability, and convenient maintenance.


  In addition to purchasing the protective tracked chassis PLT-1000, the customer also purchased the tracked chassis SAFARI-138T for retrofitting. 

  The tracked robot chassis vehicle SAFARI-138T can meet the super-high requirements for the off-road performance and stability of small reconnaissance robots. 

  It is equipped with 10 damping shock absorbers, with the unique design of the inner and outer patterns of the track, to maintain the ground grip while making it more stable and smooth. 

  The shock absorption distance is the highest in the same level, and can meet the requirements of exploration, rescue, reconnaissance and shooting robots.


  In the future, Guoxing Intelligent will continue to focus on the R&D and production of special robots and supporting robot platform products used in high-risk and complex environments, provide solutions for fire protection, environmental protection, mining, military, industrial and other fields, and continue to explore foreign markets, let "China Intelligent Manufacturing" go abroad, and highlight the strength of "China Intelligent Manufacturing".

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