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EOD Robot

It is a small modular EOD robot, mainly used for capture, transfer and destruction of dangerous goods. In addition, with seven degrees of freedom in the robot arm, it is flexible, and can be used in small space reconnaissance. Adopting "fin arm type" track structure in the traveling module of the robot, the robot possesses strong obstacle clearing capability, and can adapt to complex terrains, such as sand, debris, grassland,
  • EDRO510
  • Guoxing Intelligent
Grasping Force:
Max Speed:

Product Introduction:

Capture skill

Firstly judge the quality of the object before control the robot to capture the object. The highest quota load level is 4kg of horizontal capture and 7kg of bending capture. The arm may be damaged if captures more than above weights.

The bending gesture is used to capture the object as far as possible for the actual weight of the object can hardly be judged correctly. Thus, the operator can avoid the tipping forward caused by the object with excessive weight.

When unfold to capture the object, the robot shall rotate the Swinging arm forward and touch the ground slightly for a support against the tipping. Even when with the Swinging arm, the robot shall not capture the object over 3kg to avoid the damage on the drive gear box of the Swinging arm.

Please apply the 3D movement mode for the capture of mechanical arm with double effect and less effort. 


Detection skills

Four cameras are used for mutual observation as far as possible.

3D movement mode can be used for the detection mode on the high place. Specific operations are as below: firstly, the robot moves to semi-unfolding mode, and then chooses 3D movement mode. Swirl the rocker on the left to control the mechanical arm of the robot.

As to the detection on the low place, the robot can be firstly changed to the observation mode and then the 3D movement mode is chosen. Control the left rocker of the robot to control the movement of the P/T camera. 



Portable Controller

Real-time display of robot status,fast and convenient operation

Mechanical Arm

7+2 DOF


830mm×550mm×430mm(Arm Folded

Self Weight



24V,20AH(Optional 24V,40AH)



Max Speed


Turn Radius

Situ Turning

Obstacle Surmount

≥200mm Obstacle | ≥38°Stairs| ≥40°Slopes

Working Time

3 Hours

Protection Grade


Tracked Arm Length


Maximum Length of Mechanical Arm


Grip Width



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