Does the crawler robot chassis need maintenance?

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Does the crawler robot chassis need maintenance?

  High performance vehicles cannot be separated from the usual inspection and maintenance. 

  It is absolutely wrong to think that the inspection and maintenance are not necessary if the vehicle can be used normally.

  Correct inspection and maintenance can not only prolong the service life of the vehicle, but also detect and deal with faults early, which will reduce maintenance time and save maintenance costs.

Precautions before maintenance

◆ when the operator is maintaining or inspecting the machine, it is forbidden for others to operate the lever, otherwise the operator will be seriously injured.

◆ before carrying out the maintenance work, the commander of the operation should be determined, the operation procedure should be formulated, and the step-by-step operation should be carried out.

◆ please use the correct maintenance tools, and do not use damaged and low-quality tools.

◆ do not drop foreign matters inside the machine, otherwise it will cause machine damage, misoperation and other faults.

◆ the maintenance of the electrical system should be carried out by personnel with professional qualifications.

◆ for electric welding operation, disconnect the power supply and battery, and pay attention to the welding environment.

Precautions for maintenance of the whole machine

◆ it is strictly forbidden to park the crawler in a wet, rainy and exposed place.

◆ when the crawler is parked, it is forbidden to use the swing arm to support the parking, and avoid parking on the slope or obstacles. The crawlers on both sides should be stressed at the same time and land evenly, so as to prolong the service life of the crawler.

◆ to ensure the power storage capacity of the battery, the battery should be stored with electricity, and it should be charged regularly even if it is not used for a long time.

◆ check the voltage and power of the lithium battery and the battery power of the remote control before and after each trip. When the lithium battery voltage is lower than 48V, it needs to be charged. When the remote control has a low battery alarm, it needs to be charged.

◆ the rubber track should be maintained frequently. After being used in an environment with too much sediment and flying chemicals, it should be cleaned, otherwise it will accelerate the wear and corrosion of the rubber track.

◆ regularly check the tension of the suspended track. The track needs to be tensioned every 150~200h of operation.

◆ the crawler car should be overhauled every 2500km or 500 hours, and the fixation of bolts and nuts of all parts of the body should be checked. If it is loose, it should be tightened immediately, and special attention should be paid to the rim nuts and bolts of all suspension parts.

◆ in case of paint falling, bumping and other conditions, the paint should be repaired in time to prevent rust to a certain extent, which will affect the performance of the steel structure, resulting in the final fracture and other accidents.

◆ the movable hinge points and bearings of the whole vehicle shall be lubricated in time.


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