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Customer use our chassis do second develop.
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             (1) The Robot chassis is with unique design of water-proof protective for chassis.


   (2) Independent suspension system with vibration deduction capacity.


   (3) The motor is low voltage of servo DC motor with strong powerful, excellent loading and traction capacity.

   (4) The power control system is low voltage Servo DC systeml, could realize accuracy control and orientation, satisfy with high accuracy requirements of clients.


     (5) Strong mobility capacity, low gravitational center with excellent across-obstacle and climbing capacity, small radius turning, flexible movement, faster speed,and adjustable velocity.


     (6) Its equipped with crawler belt with excellent low earthing voltage , adhesion capacity,road surface adaptability, maintenance convenient capacity.


     (7) Explosion-proof design with good impact resistanceanti-corrosion capacity, applied for Sea, lakes, radioactive waters, as well as mine underground waters with explosive gases.



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