Crawler robot tank chassis Safari-880T

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Crawler Robot Tank Platform Safari - 880T

    The tracked robot chassis Safari-880T, independently developed by Shandong Guoxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., surpasses the highest chassis of the same level and pursues higher trafficability and off-road performance. 


    Safari - 880T can carry 100KG of equipment everywhere. The suspension adopts Christie+Matilda four-wheel balanced suspension, which can adapt to heavy load shock absorption. 

    The whole vehicle is equipped with 6 shock absorbers combined with unique impact energy absorption design, which can effectively reduce the impact of terrain. 

    It is widely used in robot mobile solutions in complex environments.






48V DC burshless motor

Suspension system

Christie suspension + Matilda four-wheel balanced suspension

Rated power


Operation speed


Max obstacle surmounting


Max climbing

40 degree

Vibration reduction

Left and right independent * 6 shock absorbers

RC distance
300 meter open area
Working time
1h 20m
RC function Right rocker controls body movement
Overall size


Product features▼

  • The supporting area is large, and the grounding ratio of 150 mm track reaches 75%. It is suitable for the operation in soft, muddy and other complex environments, with small sag, small rolling resistance, and good off-road mobility.

  • The turning radius is very small, which can realize turning in place.

  • The support surface of the track is equipped with shoes, which is not easy to slip, and has good traction and adhesion performance, which is conducive to exerting greater traction.

  • The chassis height is more than 125mm, with super climbing and obstacle climbing ability, and can climb stairs.

  • The body shell is welded with steel plate, which is solid and durable, and has good overall protection performance, which is deeply liked by customers.



The robot chassis is mainly used for exploration, rescue, investigation, shooting and other functions.

More than 10 precision production line, easy to realize large quantities of goods, to provide you with the best price.

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