02/ 21/ 2023
Go abroad and highlight the hard power of "China's intelligent manufacturing"

Go abroad and highlight the hard power of "China's intelligent manufacturing" With the development of science and technology and the birth of local wars, in recent years, military robots with "eighteen kinds of martial arts" have appeared one after another, and are favored because of their ability

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02/ 16/ 2023
Does the crawler robot chassis need maintenance?

Does the crawler robot chassis need maintenance? High performance vehicles cannot be separated from the usual inspection and maintenance. It is absolutely wrong to think that the inspection and maintenance are not necessary if the vehicle can be used normally. Correct inspection and maintenance

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02/ 08/ 2023
Application advantages and functions of tracked robot chassis

Application advantages and functions of tracked robotThe crawler robot chassis has the following functions: The synchronous belt track drive is adopted, and the common gear or chain drive and other transmission modes are abandoned. Under the condition that the transmission performance meets the requ

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02/ 08/ 2023
New wheeled explosion-proof patrol robot-Powerful assistant for petrochemical inspection

Guoxing Intelligent New Product Wheeled Explosion-proof Patrol Robot Powerful Assistant for Petrochemical Patrol InspectionThe petrochemical industry is a high-risk industry, prone to fire, explosion and other disasters. In order to ensure the safe production of petrochemical enterprises, it is nece

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10/ 14/ 2022
Guoxing Intelligent was invited to participate in the on-site exhibition and observation activities of fire-fighting robots and other equipment in Yantai

In order to fully demonstrate the new equipment and technology for emergency rescue in Yantai's chemical industry, further promote the construction of emergency rescue and support capacity. On October 14, the Office of the Safety Committee of Yantai Municipal People's Government organized an on-

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10/ 10/ 2020
Shooting Robot

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