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CDC380 chassis inspection robot is a compact and flat robot, mainly used for inspection in narrow and low spaces, and can also be used for detection of the target area by equipping with various sensor modules. Adopting the structure design of Mecanum Wheel, the driving wheel of the robot has the ability of translational motion in any direction and at any angle, the movement is more flexible, and the operation is more convenient.
  • CDC380 chassis inspection robot
  • Guoxing Intelligent


Wide-angle observation. Automatic correction of image distortion.

Four wheel drive and independent suspension.

New Mecanum wheel design and passing performance.

Push-to-start automatic patrol inspection.

10 x optical zoom driving and inspection camera;0~90° adjustable cradle head.

Real time image 4G wireless backhaul.

Technical indicators: 

Robot body items

Parameter index



Net weight

≤7.1kg (including two-circuit batteries)

Power supply

24V two-circuit removable battery

Working time


Battery indicator


Driving imaging

10 x optical zoom camera

Observation camera

1200 linear micro ccd camera

Pick-up lens

≥175° wide-angle lens

Lighting system

Double-circuit LED HB lighting

Working temperature


Velocity of movement

Any direction ≥0.7m/s, stepless speed regulation, rotation 60°/s

Pitching angle of cradle head


Speed of cradle head


Obastacle clearing capability

<30mm small surface relief

Grade ability

<15° slow slope 

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