Altitude 4500 meters! Guoxing Intelligent Firefighting Robot "Pinnacle" in Action!

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Altitude 4500 meters! Guoxing Intelligent Firefighting Robot "Pinnacle" in Action!

When facing fires, we always need fast and efficient rescue solutions. However, in certain special environments, such as plateau areas with altitudes as high as 4500 meters, traditional firefighting equipment often struggles to perform adequately. 

At such times, there is a greater need for a firefighting and extinguishing robot that can adapt to all terrains. 

Recently, Guoxing Intelligent's firefighting and extinguishing robot has successfully been delivered to a special task force of a firefighting and rescue brigade, which operates at the highest altitude in the world. 

Even at an altitude of 4500 meters, the robot can still operate steadily.

firefighting robot

In plateau areas with an altitude of 4500 meters, low air pressure and thin oxygen levels often render ordinary equipment incapable of functioning properly. 

However, Guoxing Intelligent's firefighting and extinguishing robot adopts advanced technology and design concepts. 

It is equipped with a power system adaptable to all terrains and a more rational mechanical structure, allowing the robot to operate steadily in low-oxygen environments without being affected by altitude.

robot in firefighting

Furthermore, the robot possesses strong terrain adaptation capabilities. 

Whether it's rugged mountain roads, muddy wetlands, or complex ruins, it can easily cope with them. Intelligent navigation technology enables autonomous recognition of terrain obstacles and automatic adjustment of travel routes, ensuring efficient operation in various environments.

Product Overview

Guoxing Intelligent's independently developed firefighting robot features precise chassis height paired with appropriately powered motors, giving the robot a low center of gravity, strong traversing capability, and stable operation even under heavy loads, making it widely used in robotic mobility solutions for complex environments.

In particular, the firefighting robot is suitable for all terrains and can replace firefighting and rescue personnel to extinguish fires in hazardous situations such as flammable, explosive, toxic, oxygen-deficient, and smoky environments, effectively addressing the personal safety concerns of firefighters in the above scenarios. 

With a simple vehicle design and high-power DC geared motors, obstacles become easier to overcome.

Guoxing firefighting robot

Product Features

1: Large support area, wide tracks suitable for operation in soft, muddy, and other complex environments, with low sinkage and rolling resistance, and good off-road maneuverability.

2: Very small turning radius, capable of turning in place.

3: Equipped with high-quality water cannons that can rotate and pitch, enabling all-round firefighting. Dual water hoses for high flow rate.

4: There are track teeth on the track support surface, making it less prone to slipping, with good traction performance conducive to exerting greater pulling force.

5: Strong climbing and obstacle-crossing capabilities.

6: Waterproof throughout the entire machine.

7: Equipped with sprinkler heads for self-cooling in fire scenes or high-temperature environments to ensure normal vehicle operation.

Application Scenarios

Including but not limited to: 

firefighting and rescue teams, 

petroleum and petrochemical extraction sites and warehouses; 

highway and tunnel fires, 

subway station and tunnel fires, 

underground facilities and freight yard fires, 

large-span and large-space factory fires, 

petrochemical oil depot and refinery fires; 

also suitable for firefighting in large-scale toxic gas and smoke accidents and dangerous fire situations where personnel are difficult to approach, as well as emergency rescue in dangerous situations.

2022 Chemical plant fire drill

Firefighting robot display

Guoxing Intelligent, a leading supplier of special robots

Shandong Guoxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a national-level specialized and special "little giant" enterprise. It took the lead in establishing the Shandong Special Robot Integrated Application Technology Manufacturing Innovation Center and specializes in the research, development, production and sales of special robots suitable for use in high-risk and complex environments. . The company was founded in 2004 and successfully transformed in 2014. It produces and sells more than 60 products in five series including "firefighting robots, coal mine robots, petroleum and petrochemical robots, State Grid robots and military chassis" globally.

firefighting robot supplier

The company attaches great importance to product quality certification. The fire-fighting and explosion-proof series products have obtained the anti-explosion certificate issued by the National Explosion-proof Certification Center. The fire-fighting series products have obtained the certification certificate from the Shanghai Fire Station of the Ministry of Public Security. The mining series products have passed the safety standard and the national mining product safety mark. Center certified, universal chassis SAFARI series has obtained the inspection report from Shanghai Electrical Equipment Inspection Institute and all obtained national invention patents. The company has a complete organizational management system and has currently passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental system management certification and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management System Certification.


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